Aviators night vision goggle NVG

Aviators Night vision goggles NVG

FALCON AVIATORS NIGHT VISION GOGGLES NVG December 23, 2020 FALCON MILITARY AVIATION NVG NIGHT VISION GOGGLES High performance, high sensitivity milspec aviation night vision goggles available in Green or white phosphor hand select latest generation US image intensifier tubes. The Falcon Aviator Night Vision Goggle System represents a variant of the AN/AVS-6(v)/9 series ANVIS Night[…]

Long range thermal cameras
Lightweight long Range zoom cooled MWIR Thermal imaging FLIR IR camera core integration

long range cooled MWIR thermal imaging FLIR IR camera engine core

Zenith 300 is an ultra compact, low power, low weight high performing super sensitivity MWIR (Mid Wave Infrared) cooled thermal imaging FLIR SWaP infrared camera. Long range Cooled MWIR Zoom light small thermal Flir imaging camera core for standalone or gimbal design. EMAIL US DIRECTLY AT sales@x20.org The affordable Zenith 300 long range mwir cooled[…]