M9 Long Range PTZ FLIR thermal imaging camera with ultra rugged Pan tilt Zoom gimbal

The M9 Is an ultra long range stabilized Cooled MWIR PTZ thermal IR imaging Pan tilt FLIR camera with a super heavy duty all weather Gimbal positioning system.

Long range flir thermal PTZ camera

The need for Ultra long range thermal IR imaging FLIR PTZ cameras is increasing. Essential areas like borders, coastlines, frontiers, and shores require essential long range day and night vision imaging capabilities for 24/7/365 monitoring.



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The Core of the M9 is a super heavy duty MILSTD 810, IP68+ Stabilized all weather gimbal, Ultra long range SD and HD Thermal imaging cameras are integrated from 50mm to 1400mm
The visible HD Zoom BSI CMOS low light visible camera has a 20mm to 2200mm zoom factor. Over 20 kilometer LRF laser range finders, 11 mile laser pointers and illuminators are available.

The Systems are hand custom built to your exact specifications, contact us for any exotic or complex application or requirement you have.

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The M9 Cooled 3-5 Micron system offers HD and SD Ultra long range thermal imaging capabilities. The ultra precision, jitter free systems an incredible zoom factor which provides detection at an astounding 60 kilometer range. Coupled with a long range HD cctv zoom camera, a gyro stabilized gimbal and optional sensors such as LRF Laser Range Finder, Long range IR illuminator and long range IR Laser pointer, the M9 can achieve a wide array of long range imaging needs for military, law enforcement, security and surveillance applications.

Long range flir thermal PTZ camera

The M9 Is the Pinnacle of Super Ultra Heavy Duty, Image Stabilized Extreme long range cooled MWIR Thermal Imaging FLIR EOIR camera system. The system has incredible detection ranges up to 60 Kilometers. THE SYSTEM IS THE WORLDS MOST RUGGED, HAS THE BEST GYRO STABILIZATION + OFFERS THE HIGHEST PERFORMANCE, BEST SENSITIVITY & LONGEST DETECTION RANGES.

The M9 PTZ Long Range thermal FLIR Imager comes with F4 thermal imaging Zoom lenses Ranging from 250mm to 1750mm, Along with HD Daytime CMOS BSI CCTV
Long range IR Corrected Zoom lenses from 25mm-2600mm, A host of add on Sensors are available to compliment the M9 Platform to meet mission requirements.
The Ip68+ Submersible system is the most rugged Long Range EOIR Day/Night vision Imaging system available

long range PTZ thermal FLIR camera
Long range Pan Tilt Zoom thermal PTZ FLIR cameraLong range Pan Tilt Zoom thermal PTZ FLIR camera


-High performance / high definition / High sensitivity – real time thermal imager utilizing minimum 640×512 or 1280×1024 resolution 15Um MWIR (Medium Wave / Mid Wave Infrared IR) Focal Plane Array FPA Detector technology

-The Absolute Most Rugged, all weather Gyro Stabilized system Offering the longest Range, highest performance and ultimate reliability.

 -Infrared detector incorporating digital output with no image blooming, halo, streaking & no internal moving parts or choppers. 

-ultra heavy duty brushless motor gyro stabilized weapons grade pan tilt zoom positioning steerable turret

-high resolution 1280×1024 sensor available upon request and can be integrated or upgraded into the existing platform

-Long Range MWIR COOLED Thermal EOIR Imaging PTZ zoom Flir

-Low power consumption and proven battlefield technology & reliability – Can operate flawlessly 24 hours a day in any weather condition.

-Smooth Continuous Zoom Carbon hardened/coated MWIR F4 Lenses from 100mm to 1400mm (Internal Gyro Stabilized)

-Fully digital platform with instant Thermal zoom 

– Ultra Long range Extreme detection ranges of OVER 50 KILOMETERS

-Full 360 degree smooth axis pan Steerable rotation, robust tilt movement gimbal turret payload with HSS Home/Stow/Safety positioning

-Long Range Eye Safe LRF Rangefinder for assessing target or threat distance with on screen symbology

Lightweight long Range zoom cooled MWIR Thermal imaging FLIR IR camera core integration

  • Long range pan tilt zoom PTZ Thermal Imaging Multi Sensor camera system connectivity, Our long range ptz thermal imaging cameras are easy to learn & extremely easy to install, The units are fully universal and have Serial data and analog video outputs, connecting to Ethernet, IP or any standard wired or wireless network is simple, due to the non proprietary / universal outputs. Many commercially available off the shelf modules are also available that interconnect to the gimbal for custom or exotic installs.BenefitsAffordable low cost solution to long range day/night imaging, incorporating the best quality, highest grade materials that are made to last.
    Detect objects, vehicles, persons or incidents even in complete darkness and make it impossible for individuals to hide in shadows or blend in against complex backgrounds.
    Do not demand any additional light sources and handles many difficult weather conditions including smoke, haze and dust.
    Cannot be blinded by strong lights or put out of order using laser pointers, etc.
    Are available as out-of-the-box outdoor-ready products for cost-effective installation & complement many network video installations.
    Require minimized storage and bandwidth due to support for industry-standard video compression techniques such as Motion JPEG and H.264.
    Are ideal for intelligent video and typically offer higher accuracy in analytics than conventional cameras, because they are immune to light conditions and normal shadows. The cameras offer video motion detection, active tampering alarm, and provide capacity for third-party analytics modules, including support for COTS Camera Application Platform.
    Support Power over Ethernet to supply power to the camera via the network, eliminating the need for power cables and reducing installation costs.
    Include the industry-standard open interface which ensures support for the market’s broadest range of video management systems.


    Long range PTZ flir thermal camera
    The M9 Offers the following Features.

    -Ultra Sensitive Longest Range Cooled SD and HD InSb 15Um Indium Antimonide Detectors
    -High reliability / High performance battle/Field proven system with many deliveries & Currently issued to US Military and Government agancies
    -Ultra slow or lighting fast Pan/tilt movement with extreme precision and zero backlash
    -Anti FOG/Haze/Clutter and Obscurant cutting Technology incorporated in our Exotic Sensors
    -All weather system work flawlessly in Snow, humidity, tropical, desert and extreme harsh environments with 100% Duty Cycle
    -Optics are stabilized, double encased and hardened inside each enclosure ensuring countless years of trouble/maintenance free operation
    -Precision Long Range MWIR Coated / Hardened Continuous zoom optics from 100mm to 1300mm at F/4
    -Uninterrupted Extended Performance Military system with 50 Kilometer Detection Ranges in Day / Night 24/7/365
    -Radar Ready for Slew To Cue Integration
    -Long Range Eye Safe Laser Range Finder
    -Ideal for Security/Anti-Terrorism, Insurgent/terrorist detection and deterrent
    -ISO 9001
    -MIL STD 810F
    -Fully Submersible/Sealed/Nitrogen Purged
    -GPS/Compass – Geo Location sensors
    -Local Area Gain and Contrast
    -Full on screen symbology with relevant positioning and functionality data
    -Ultra fast HD CCTV BSI LLL CMOS Zoom Camera with 25mm to 2200mm continuous zoom lens
    -Double / 4 Axis Gyro Stabilization built in to the 360 degree rugged PTZ Positioner and Inside the Thermal Camera and the CCTV Camera (4 Layer 4 Axis Stabilization)
    -TASS Enhancement In Thermal FLIR camera and Zoom CCTV Camera
    -Highest performing Absolute Encoder Resolution
    -Direct Drive Servo Motors with no Hysteresis

    Lightweight long Range zoom cooled MWIR Thermal imaging FLIR IR camera core integration


    Military combat surveillance applications
    FOB perimeter/critical facility infrastructure, high value security
    Border / coastline / scope truck / homeland security / AWD / 4×4 / All Terrain /frontier patrol & security
    Security and surveillance, WAMI, ISR, C2, C4ISR, RSTA
    Fully Integrated Sensor Suite
    Tactical Combat armored vehicle
    Law Enforcement
    Drone/UAV/UAS/SUAS Detection
    IED Detection, long range biometric facial recognition
    Critical facility security (power stations, prisons, government offices)
    Mobile, mast or tripod mounted for sea & land monitoring
    Vehicle safety applications (railways, mines, heavy equipment)
    Cruise ship man overboard detection & rescue
    Land & sea security, search & rescue operations
    Border//Frontier/Shoreline/Coast/Runway/Airstrip/Tripod/Radar Applicable
    Laser IR Diode illuminators available in a variety of ranges from short/medium, long and ultra extreme long range
    Military/Law Enforcement/Search and Rescue/Coastal/Frontier/Border + DEA & SWAT applications
    Windows or MAC software compatibility
    Remote operation with Ethernet, ip, fiber, solar, wireless, microwave gps and compass radar compatible slew to cue, slew to alert and alarm detection
    Software development kit (SDK) for customized functionality / command and control

    long range PTZ thermal FLIR camera



  • ISR Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIRLike any other long range IR or Infrared camera, a long range PTZ thermal or thermographic flir imaging camera collects electromagnetic radiation which is formed into an image. But while a conventional cmos/ccd, tv, eo or ccd/cctv cameras works in the range of visible light, i.e. with wavelengths between approximately 400 and 700 nanometers (0.4–0.7 μm), a thermal imaging flir camera is designed to detect radiation with greater wavelengths, up to around 14,000 nanometers (14 μm). Radiation in this part of the electromagnetic spectrum is referred to as infrared, or commonly IR, which in turn can be divided into several sub-groups. Near-infrared light has a wavelength of about 0.7–1.5 µm, which is just beyond what the human eye can see. Camera sensors, on the other hand, can be built to detect and make use of this type of radiation. A so-called day-and-night camera uses an IR-cut filter during daytime to filter out IR-light so it will not distort the colors of images as perceived by the human eye. When the camera is in night mode, the IR-cut filter is removed. Since the human eye is unable to see infrared light the camera displays the image in black and white. Near infrared light or NIR also requires some kind of light source – either natural, such as moonlight, or man-made, such as street lights or a dedicated IR-lamp.
    Standard SD and HD Functionality from the Long range M7 IR PTZ Provides an optioanl 16:9 wide screen video that shows more of the important part of the scene and fits well on modern screens. The long range M7 thermal imaging camera is equipped with powerful continuous optical zoom capability on the thermal image. It offers excellent situational awareness but also the possibility to zoom-in, and see more detail, once a target has been detected. This way operators can see farther recognize more detail and react more quickly to security threats. The advantage of continuously zooming compared to other systems that are using a rotating lens system is that there is no switch or swapping between the different images. You can gradually zoom in while keeping your focus all the time. The unit has quick auto focus & has a plethora of upgradeability options to make sure the system stays current with your evolving surveillance network.


    Moving further away from visible light, the rest of the IR-spectrum is usually divided into the following categories: Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR), approx. 1 – 3 µm Mid-Wave Infrared (MWIR), approx. 3 – 5 µm Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR), approx. 8 – 12 µm Very Long-Wave Infrared (VLWIR), approx. 12 – 25 µm Far-Wave Infrared (FWIR), approx. 25 µm – 1 000 µm or 1 mm Note that there is a gap between 5 µm (MWIR) and 8 µm (LWIR). This part of the waveband is virtually unusable for thermal imaging purposes because of the high spectral absorption of the atmosphere in this range. Microwaves have a wavelength exceeding 1 mm. At the far end of the spectrum are radio waves, with a wavelength of 1 meter and more. In the other end of the spectrum, wavelengths shorter than those of visible light are successively referred to as ultraviolet, x-rays, and gamma rays.

    An object’s thermal radiation is also dependent on its temperature – the hotter it is the more thermal radiation it emits. Humans cannot see this, but we can sense it, for example, when we approach a camp fire or enter a sauna. The greater the temperature difference in a scene, the clearer will the thermal flir images will be. Furthermore, some materials will have a different emissivity in the mid-wave infrared spectrum than in the long-wave span. For imaging purposes these differences in emissivity are, for the most part, of secondary importance since the camera’s sensitivity can be defined as its capability to distinguish between temperature differentials. Thermal images are sometimes associated with bright, intense colors – which may seem a bit odd considering that the camera works outside the spectrum of visible light. The answer is that the colors are created digitally, so-called pseudo-colors but produce a very vivid crisp useable picture. Each color or nuance represents a different temperature, usually white and red for higher temperatures, over green, blue and violet for colder ones. The reason is foremost practical since the human eye is better at distinguishing different shades of color than different shades of grey. Detectors used for thermal imaging can be broadly divided into two types: Cooled thermal imagers that typically operate in the mid-wave infrared (Long range MWIR) band and uncooled thermal imagers that operate in the long-wave infrared (long range LWIR) band. Ultra Extreme long range Cooled and uncooled systems both have thier advantages in the world of distant range narrow FOV thermal imaging applications.

    With PTZ or pan / tilt / zoom thermal imaging becoming relatively cheaper and an integral part of Short, medium, long and extreme ultra long range Surveillance, security, observation systems, a whole range of uses becomes both possible and economically viable. long range Thermal flir PTZ cameras can be an excellent complement in many situations where conventional cameras diminish thier performance as low light levels are present. They are, of course, unparalleled in a situation of twilight, thermal cross-over, near darkness and total darkness. They can also be an option in areas that are very difficult to illuminate effectively, for example a sea front, a harbor, or any other vast expanse of open water thus making SPI’s long range PTZ thermal infrared imaging Ir cameras paramount for use in marine, boat, vessel and ship applications. Similarly, artificial light not only runs the risk of revealing where the cameras are placed, enabling parties to avoid or vandalize them, but can also create projected shadows in which an intruder can avoid detection. Furthermore, spotlights can blind as well as illuminate. So cameras that do not rely on light can be the preferred solution in many different traffic situations, whether it is in railway tunnels, on air strips, runways, or on regular streets. Long Range Thermal flir PTZ cameras, on the other hand, cannot be blinded by bright lights or laser beams.

    long range PTZ thermal FLIR camera

  • Combining design elements from our field proven absolute encoders and servo motor direct drive train, the M9 provides extremely high pointing accuracy and performance in a small, light weight package with significant payload capability. Designed to operate in mobile / mast or stationary installations, it offers extraordinary flexibility and ruggedness, and provides continuous operation with no scheduled maintenance, even under extreme conditions.All elements of the system are controlled over our Easy to read and understand & Operate graphical user interface. The interface includes universal external control functionality, allowing the system to be controlled with any of the currently fielded commercially available protocols & utilizing an internal user configurable command table. This external interface may be accessed through Ethernet or a local direct serial connection. ONVIF, IP, ETHERNET, 3G, WIRELESS and REMOTE operation is availableThe M9 offers hot swappable, interchangeable sensors which are factory pre-aligned and mounted via precision guide pins, four captive bolts, and a TASS weatherproof connector, allowing sensor swap to occur in 4 Minutes or less with one person. Secondary or new sensors may be added and control code loaded remotely via LAN or Ethernet. The system incorporates the highest quality, ultra long life military coolers for years of reliable trouble free imaging.

    SPI Corp’s long range multi sensor Eoir flir thermal imaging camera systems offer substantial long distance detection ranges allowing the operator to be positioned at very far distant standoff locations offering ample time to react, to threats or targets of interest. Long range imaging systems provide a benefit to the user when coupled with an array of sensors and geo locating modules especially in specialty military, security and surveillance applications. The farther you are, the more time you have to react and not be seen.

    What the science behind a long range thermal imaging FLIR IR night vision PTZ pan tilt gimbal turret camera?

    (a) Housing – Usually composed of an aluminum bell shaped cover, The housing can be of all shapes and sizes from plastic to military grade hardened coated all weather NBC Nuclear Biological Chemical compliant
    (b) Camera module
    This is where the image FLIR, MWIR, LWIR, SWIR, night vision, intensified, cmos, long wave, short wave, mid wave cooled and uncooled detector and sensors reside, CCD sensor, optical zoom germanium DFOV, TFOV, Fixed and CZ continuous zoom lenses, and the motors that control Zoom and Focus are located.
    (c) PTZ Pan Tilt control board
    The PTZ control board processes RS485 data that converts it into mechanical movements. Some are Pelco, Pelco Extended and are available in a wide array of protocols supporting VMS, GUI, ONVIF, IP, ETHERNET, FIBER, MICROWAVE, ANALOG, DIGITAL and WIRELESS
    (d) PTZ motors – are the small motors that allow the thermal FLIR and CCTV HD camera to perform up, down, left and right functions. Marked by the arrows are two step motors; the one to the top controls up and down movements and the one at the bottom controls left and right movements, some systems have no motors and other methods of moving the cameras PTZ, some use brushless motors.

    We can Customize your long range Pan Tilt Zoom Thermal, CCTV and other exotic sensor system to cater to your exact application,
    We have facilities that can satisfy any requirement in a rapid response timeframe. We offer the worlds longest range, best weapons grade all weather IP68 hardened PTZ EOIR
    imaging systems. Contact us for additional information and pricing or call 702-499-9551

    Long Range Visible HD CCTV cameras can compliment the Thermal cameras and assist in daytime and low light DRI (Detection, Recognition and Identification)

    Long range Critical infrastructure applications require not only continuous video surveillance and monitoring, but also a solution that yields highly reliable intrusion detection, with fewer false alarms. This need makes advanced video analytics a must for any adequate long range thermal/cctv surveillance system.

    Advanced analytics will provide multiple automated alarm notification options, including email, edge image storage, digital outputs or video management software (VMS) alarms. Incorporating high quality, unique and adaptive analytics can virtually eliminate false alarms, allowing security personnel to respond more efficiently and effectively, while also lowering overall cost for the end user.

    The M9 Steerable PTZ Positioner uses the absolute highest performance parts, it is a high-performance pan & tilt system well suited for day/night surveillance, Border Patrol, Coastline Patrol, scope truck mobile / mast mounted and General Security monitoring & perimeter security. The 4 Axis, 4 Level Gyro Stabilization is the top of the line in the industry and keeps the imagery rock steady even at full telephoto zoom, Equipped with a cooled MWIR FLIR thermal Camera and a Low Light CMOS BSI visible camera, the system has optional sensors as well, including a laser rangefinder, laser pointer/designator, and laser zoom imaging illuminator, as well as SWIR / NIR and LOW LIGHT COLOR NIGHT VISION. The M9 Family of long range multi sensor ptz gimbal systems are the most potent border patrol, border protection security and surveillance systems available anywhere.

    While traditional long range surveillance & security technologies such as radar, thermal flir imaging and visible cameras, or video analytics work well on their own, utilizing all of these options together provide an advanced perimeter detection system. For example, ground surveillance radar can detect possible threats beyond the fence line as they approach and send a signal to pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, triggering them to slew to a specific location. From there, embedded analytics and visible cameras can further identify objects, notify authorized staff, and collect additional evidence through facial recognition or high-quality photos.

    Once a long range intrusion attempt is discovered, it is important to act fast. Organizing a response system that can initiate actions based on GPS location data, such as the slewing of FLIR PTZ cameras, automated intruder tracking or activated lighting sensors, greatly increases staff’s situational awareness while easing their workload. For instance, thermal imagers deployed in conjunction with video analytics can be used to generate an initial alarm event, which can then trigger a sequence of other security equipment and notifications for personnel to eventually respond to. Having all of this in place essentially lays the entire situation out in a way that allows responders to accurately understand and evaluate a scene.

    After the designated auto-response mechanisms have activated and done their job, it is time for responders to acknowledge and assess the situation. From here, authorized personnel can take the next appropriate step toward defending against and delaying the threat. Deterring suspicious activity can be achieved through real-time two-way audio, a simple but powerful tool. Often, control room operators can diffuse a situation by speaking over an intercom, telling the trespasser that they are being watched and that the authorities have been notified.

    The primary purpose of the delay facet of the overall perimeter protection strategy is to stall an attempted intrusion long enough for responders to act. Access control systems play a key role in realizing this objective. When a security officer sees a non-compliant, suspicious individual on the camera feed, the officer can lock all possible exits to trap them in one area all through the VMS.

    long range PTZ thermal FLIR camera

  • The Ultra Long Range stabilized 15micron / 12 Micron and 10 Micron COOLED MWIR M9 is a highly sensitive mid-wave IR camera designed for long-range surveillance and security applications.The SD Standard definition system is very capable to achieve most all long range EO/IR imaging needs, although organizations are moving into the advanced upgraded HD High Definition Long range thermal FLIR Imaging sensor systems
    Ultra Long Range Stabilized F4 100 to 1400mm Lenses allow for detection ranges of over 50 Km with an auto focus optical continuous zoom lens, The enhanced image processing features brings out subtle details missed by other imaging cameras, the M9 Detects target That other cameras cant track. The Ultra Long Range Lenses allow for great situational awareness and long standoff distances between operator and target. Both the CCTV and Thermal Sensors are Electronically and Mechanically Stabilized and offer Integrated TASS and full internal weather controls/climate stabilization. Our robust Radar integration allows for slew to cue/slew to alert with the aid of radars, VMS, tracking alerting and detection software suites are available for the m9 system.


    The System Rated to US Military ratings & is Ultra Ruggedized/ 100% Duty Cycle with battlefield proven performance, The Entire System is fully universal and offers stability, durability and ease of deployment. Installed in the Front of the EO and IR Cameras are ruggedized hardened Gm and Vis Windows to protect the Internal Optics.

    The system combines SPI’s proven bore-sight assembly design in an externally mounted configuration, that provides ease of adjustment, extraordinary stability and isolation from harsh environments. System power, serial interface and video output are all provided over a single hermetically sealed Military approved/Rated series connector.

The military grade M9 system is has multiple features like;-Vector compass heading with real time on screen readout


-Global Positioning System GPS with real time on screen symbology
-Integrated / Rugged 100% duty cycle military Pan Tilt positioning platform with
variable speeds and user selectable scanning presets + V/H positioning indicators and camera location indicator
-Advanced Auto Imaging modes with Auto Image Enhancement
-Auto target thermal detection threshold to assist in threat assessment and location
-Automatic Internal temperature controls for use in extreme cold or hot / humid climates
-Gyro Stabilized inside the PTZ Housing as well as the Cameras (Rock Steady Imaging at extreme long ranges or harsh environments)
-Fully militarized weatherproof / waterproof Rust and corrosion resistant System, Built to withstand harsh environments. Fully Nitrogen Purged
and includes internal desiccant. US Military Approved/Rated / Compatible with US Military or Standard Commercial Commands
-Fully sealed w/military qualified cables and connectors and cable coatings
-Crosshair Indicator
-Plug-N-Play setup and installation. Systems are checked & calibrated prior to shipping & include a 1 year warranty. MADE IN USA.
-Reliable System which can withstand 8G Vibration & 50g, 11 ms, 1/2 sine Shock & will function while moving up to 130 MPH
-Robust hand controller that can be operated with or without NBC gloves & has simple toggle switches for instant sensor commands
-System includes all cables, connectors, hand controller joystick, TFT flat panel LCD monitor
-Operator has full control via programmable electronics of individual sensor functions for custom applications, specific missions and harsh
environment settings.
-System is PELCO / Universally compatible and can easily be configured into your existing network
-Sensor fusion/image blending of 2 sensors for increased situational awareness and detection capabilities. Image fusion mixes both thermal and CCTV/SWIR into one scene.
-GUI providing control is provided. A serial command and telemetry protocol is also available, allowing custom integration.
-System is from typical 12-volt D.C. power and not draw more than 2.5 amps, While in continuous motion. The system will be delivered

complete and ready to install w/all cables, monitor, hand controllers, software & standard accessories. Burn in test performed for 7 days prior to shipping

-Extreme Long Life Component survivability and reliability

 -Engineers Available at no cost to customer for integration / installation and training assistance.

-The Absolute highest reliability, longest lasting military sealed coolers ensure uninterrupted imaging for years

  • Combining design elements from our field proven absolute encoders and servo motor direct drive train, the Ultra Rugged IP68+ M9 Long Range PTZ FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera provides extremely high pointing accuracy and performance in a small, light weight package with significant payload capability.  Designed to operate in mobile or stationary installations, it offers extraordinary flexibility and ruggedness, and provides continuous operation with no scheduled maintenance, even under extreme conditions.
  • All elements of the system are controlled over our GUI graphical user interface.  The interface includes universal external control functionality, allowing the system to be controlled with any of the currently fielded protocols (i.e. TASS, Pelco D) utilizing an internal user configurable command table.  This external interface may be accessed through Ethernet or a local direct serial connection. Multiple command and control Analog and digital IP Ethernet options are available.
  • The M9 Long Range PTZ FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera offers hot swappable, interchangeable sensors which are factory pre-aligned and mounted via precision guide pins, four captive bolts, and a blind-mate weatherproof connector, allowing sensor swap to occur in 5-minutes or less with one person.  Legacy or new sensors may be added and control code loaded remotely via LAN or Ethernet.
  • The M9 Long Range PTZ FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera is well-suited for mobile and stationary applications including force protection, border and port security, tactical reconnaissance,  and long-range surveillance.  Machined from solid bar stock and supported by heavy-duty bearings, the large diameter elevation and azimuth shafts provide significant structural margin for mobile applications and operation in high wind environments.  The modular design allows the gimbal base and yoke structures to be supplied with a range of length dimensions, from small to large scale,  to support multiple user requirements.  This provides a family of gimbal configurations with a common interface to significantly reduce software development and integration costs.  As with all M9 Long Range PTZ FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera System use absolute encoders with a direct drive train providing extremely high pointing accuracy and repeatability.
  • The Long Range Zoom Laser Imaging Illuminator system provides variable field of view and uniform illumination out to ranges in excess of 5,000 meters to point out and illuminate targets, with sufficient coverage area for use with Multiple cameras and Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) in darkness.  The laser illuminator is packaged in our fourth generation sensor enclosure that combines over 20 years of field proven performance with incremental improvements to enhance performance, stability, durability and ease of deployment.  Designed to withstand the harshest conditions and environments, this configuration has been successfully deployed in both mobile and fixed homeland security roles throughout the United States, as well as in force protection roles in both Afghanistan and Iraq.  Most recently, it was provided for industrial security roles in the Middle East.
  • The Long Range Laser Pointer/Designator is an eye-safe at the aperture laser spot pointing system that provides a precision diameter laser spot to ranges in excess of 20,000 meters to point out targets and illuminate areas of interest.  The laser system has been successfully deployed in both mobile and fixed homeland security roles throughout the United States, as well as in force protection roles in both Afghanistan and Iraq.  Typical use is in spotting applications in tandem with Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) or NIR/Color Night vision BSTFA cameras.
  • The Eyesafe Long Range Laser Rangefinder is a Class 1 eyesafe, long-range laser rangefinder with an APD receiver suitable for a wide variety of applications.  With options such as lower beam divergence for smaller targets or increased range resolution, the LRF can be configured for  specific applications.
  • The Ultra Long Range Visible Sensor is a high sensitivity daylight camera with exceptional color and superior low-light capability that can be used for target detection and identification.  With various lens and sensor combinations available beyond 2100mm EFL, the visible sensor can be tailored to the requirements of the mission.  Sensor options include color, black and white, 3CCD color chip array, or low-light EMCCD array, and a host of advanced SD, HD and 4K CMOS and CCTV VIS/NIR Cameras.
  • The system combines our proven bore-sight assembly design in an internally mounted configuration that provides ease of adjustment, extraordinary stability and isolation from harsh environments. System power, serial interface and video output are all provided over a single hermetically sealed Mil-38999 series connector.  The Camera Control Board (CCB) handles communication and control of the camera and lens, and allows independent control of zoom, focus, iris, and optional filter functions.
  • SPI sets the industry standard for Ultra Extreme Cooled long cooler life MWIR long range infrared Thermal FLIR imaging.  The CZ continuous zoom lens allows the operator to frame the field of regard to suit the surveillance needs and achieve superior imaging capability at Multi Kilometer ranges for world class DRI Detection, Recognition and Identification Our LRTI Cameras provides many advanced features including:
    • Local Area Processing
    • Auto Focus
    • Stabilization
    • Zoom
    • Threshold Based Averaging
    • Fog, Haze and turbulence mitigation
    • The M9 Tactical imaging ptz flir cameras Can be custom configured with Medium, long and Ultra long range optics for extreme distance detection ranges such as:5 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges10 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges

      15 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges

      20 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges

      25 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges

      30 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges

      35 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges

      40 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges

      45 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges

      50 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges

      55 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges

      60 KM Kilometer Detection Ranges

      The M9 ultra Long Range PTZ FLIR thermal imaging Pan Tilt cameras are suitable for the following applications;

      • Port Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
      • Coastal Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
      • Border Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
      • Perimeter Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
      • Shoreline Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
      • Long Range Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
      • Airport Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
      • Runway Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
      • Maritime Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
      • Marine Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
      • Critical Infrastructure Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
      • Vehicle mounted Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
      • Multi Sensor Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
      • Dual Sensor Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
      • Panoramic scanning Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
      • Drone, UAV, UAS, SUAS Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
      • Range Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
      • Covert / Special operations tactical Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
      • Unmanned Ground Vehicle UGV Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR
      • EO-IR Security/surveillance Thermal imaging Pan Tilt PTZ FLIR

      The M9 is the most rugged PTZ EO/IR system available which can withstand any harsh environment.

      Outdoor/marine to MIL-STD-810
      Humidity, salt fog, solar loading, blowing sand/dust, & blowing rain
      Temperature: -30°C to +65°C; extended range available Relative humidity: 100%, validated with a complete immersion test on all units
      Vibration: design tolerant to transportation & installation vibration; consult factory for specific needs.
      EMI/EMC compatibility provisions available as an option

      Long range Pan Tilt Zoom thermal PTZ FLIR cameraLong range Pan Tilt Zoom thermal PTZ FLIR camera

      Specifications subject to change without notice, (C) Defense Imaging Systems Corp, Item available for legal use only and require US Export license

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      call us at 702-499-9551

Long range Pan Tilt Zoom thermal PTZ FLIR camera